DCI This week

Santa Clara Vanguard is tearing up the competition ever since San Anontio!  Blue Devils and Bluecoats are trying to close the gap, but it’s going to be tough to catch this year’s SCV powerhouse.  Carolina Crown is showing a really tight drumlins and a solid hornlike that is as clean as any I’ve heard, but their show isn’t quite getting the GE they need to catch the top 3, I think.  Boston Crusaders have an interesting show and a good hornline to back it up.  They’re hoping to chase down one or two of the top 4 by finals week.  The Cavaliers have a good show and hone line that is surprisingly strong in low brass.  Perhaps they’ve adjusted scoring to emphasis the strength of their baritones this year.  It’s a good sound.  The Cadets’ show is good, but the execution is not quite up to Cadet levels of the past.  Still, a solid hornline is carrying them well.  Blue Stars and Blue Knights are fighting it out for 8th place, with the Blue Stars currently holding sway.  Phantom Regiment is continuing their slide, now sitting in 10th.  The corps seems strong, but the show design is definitely lacking.  The second half of the show is struggling to hold the audience’s attention and the hornline just isn’t showing classic Phantom Regiment power.  Mandarins and Corpsmen are currently rounding out the top 12, with both of them aiming to knock Phantom out of 10th place before finals.

Lots of drama in DCI this year!  Some corps falling, others rising.  It’s going to be an interesting fight to the finish!